Villa del Pantaro di Sopra

Villa del Pantaro di Sopra

Un po’ di storia

From the seventeenth to the first half of the nineteenth century, the Villa belonged to the family of the Counts Dall’Asta that from a hunting lodge turned it into a farm, selling it together with the extensive land owned.

In 1805 the Capt. Luigi Nalli took over the management of the estate, which one year later, precisely March 25, 1806, became the first maire (forerunner of the mayor’s figure).

The Villa del Pantaro di Sopra therefore became the first municipal office of Gattatico because, as was usually the case at the time, the municipal offices found space at the house of the maire, to whom the rent of the premises used for the community was paid.

Nalli led the estate to San Martino in 1810 when, upon expiry of the lease, he moved to the possession called “Il Casino” located in Gattatico as “Casa Farri” located on the current Via Don Minzoni, not far from the church , continuing to perform the role of maire or Podestà of the Municipality at his new home.

For this reason, despite the capital of Praticello, the name of the Commune remains Gattatico.

Villa del Pantaro di Sopra

The Villa del Pantaro di Sopra, also called Pantarone, stands out for its large quadrangular plant volume, divided into two levels and an attic with four-pitch roof surmounted by a small bell tower.

On the west side, on the other hand, there is the Oratorio della Beata Vergine degli Angeli in an hexagonal shape with a small pointed dome and lantern placed at its peak.


Name Villa del Pantaro di Sopra
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Adress Traversa di Via Don Minzoni – 42043 Gattatico (RE)

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